Inside Rani Pink Gifts

Inside Rani Pink Gifts

My studio opens at 10 am sharp. The first people to always reach are my tailors in their white kurta pyjamas, ready to take on their day’s task. The last people to reach are my designers, ready with a perfect excuse and a big smile. As hard as I try to be a dictator, I am horribly unsuccessful and secretly extremely happy about that too. I enjoy the madness that surrounds me. 

A few cups of chai do the rounds, everyone slowly moves into their spaces and by midday we are buzzing like a mad factory chasing our dyers, embroiderywalas, fabric vendors and our favourite 5 pm samosawala. Many days are spent in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi searching for bright rolls of Gota or chasing the aromas of biryani. 

By evening, many travel plans have been made to find a secret resource in some part of the country who is creating some mind-blowing textile or exquisite hand embroidery. The one thing I am absolutely clear about is staying true to Rani Pink Gifts and what it stands for — Handmade Celebrations which are Made The Indian Way! The factory by the evening is a riot: fights have begun, layers of fabric and Gota have taken over every surface in the office, a new love story has started brewing and I am busy romancing my new favourite narangi plant which I constantly feel needs my attention.
After 6 pm when things begin to slow down in the world outside, I'm at my creative peak — it’s the time I usually start ideating and creating. I’ve never been someone who can sit on a table and design. I need to be in the middle of things, between my karigars, my team of girls who do all my handwork and my design crew. My design process is the BEST part of my work. Everything I design is inspired by things closest to my heart. I am always trying to retell tales of our culture and bring back the love that defined my childhood. Kites flying high in Old Delhi’s sky or the signage outside the darzi ki dukaan, Rani Pink Gifts finds inspirations in stories of celebrations, big and small. It’s the reason I push myself so hard. It’s the reason I am so proud of my brand. It’s the reason a 12hr day feels so normal. 

Everyone starts trickling out of the factory by 7 pm and by 8 pm I have created one of my best designs to date. I work for another hour after most people leave which is my time — no questions, no bills, no problems, completely dedicated to myself. Most days post-work, my design crew who are like my family, are waiting for me to step out of my room so we can drive-off to eat at our favourite local dhaba or momo aunty. Singing our favourite old Bollywood tunes under the stars. The city of Delhi has its own charm, especially in the winter season.

Come spend a day with us at Rani Pink Gifts in case you feel like you’ve forgotten how to celebrate!