Sunday Family Menu

Sunday Family Menu

Every Sunday lunch was eaten at my nani’s house and dinner was spent with my dada and dadi. The people and the menus were always decided and honestly, there was no room for change because it was our private family gossip session and food feast.

Between lunch and dinner, usually, my masi, mom and I would go off for a small shopping trip. The evenings were spent getting dressed for dinner. 

Now let's come to the lunch menu at my nani’s house:

Sunday Lunch:

1. Kadhi chawal with homemade aam ka achaar. 

2. Aloo and gobi paranthas. Daal and gaajar have also been added in recent times. Mooli remains a winter special.

3. Papdi chaat, gol gappas and tikki from the local chaat shop. 

4. A few plates of Chholey Bhature are also feasted on. 

5. Pakodas from Lajpat Nagar 

6. And lastly, butterfly samosas from our favourite Old Delhi are a big favourite. (They’re actually called Japani Samosa in Chandni Chowk)

My nana and nani’s house was a typical Old Delhi business family kind of home. People were always dropping in to meet my nana, while we constantly sneaked in vendors who would sell beautiful shawls, sarees, jewellery, carpets and namkeen. Food in their house was also characteristically Delhi and there always had to be ‘kuchh meetha’ post lunch. It was usually homemade and Indian. The family favourites were thandi kheer and phirni. 

Now let’s move on to the next menu at my dadi’s house:
Sunday Dinner :

3 starters were always served with drinks and a platter designed according to her main course menu.

The Main Course

1. Mutton biryani which I can tell you is the best you've eaten in Delhi
2. Mutton chaap — my dadi’s speciality
3. Shammi kebabs
4. Karari bhindi 
5. Chhota aloo dum
6. Peeli tadka daal 
7. Papad and achaar
The Dessert
1. Chocolate chip ice cream or mangoes with vanilla ice cream, served in her favourite Sunday glasses.
2. Lemon cheesecake topped with strawberries or Vintage glasses filled with dark rum chocolate mousse.
Dessert at my dadi’s house was a whole meal in itself. She was the most amazing cook and baker. So every Sunday she would try out something new and I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious the food in her home was. She pulled out her crisp linen, favourite serving plates, dessert cutlery and fancy glassware. Her table always looked fabulous and so did her home — dressed to perfection!         
Sundays were full of laughter, playing board games and planning the next holiday.

I’ve now started writing my own family recipe book. And maybe I'll give you a sneak peek of that soon!